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Help page for 8004838314

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Who is the number's owner?

User ratings on Caller-Rating do not provide enough information about the number's owner.
If the information provided on Caller-Rating won't suffice, you may also have a look at
  • the official phone directory
  • forums and blogs such as tellows or whocallsme

Background information about calls

For marketing calls, the consent of each individual is required and you have the right to withdraw that consent. In order to avoid marketing calls, you can also register your phone number at TPS. If the marketing calls still continue, you can contact the ICO. Visit Help-Answers.com for more information.

How do I block nuisance calls

Some providers offer the possibility to block the calls of certain numbers.
There are also useful apps for your mobile phone to help identifying numbers that were deemed untrustworthy by other users such as the tellows iPhone App.

What to do

Generally, you should never provide or confirm any personal information to an unknown caller. Always question implausible claims and don't respond to threats or suspect offers and proposals.
For more information, check the Caller-Ratings Blog .


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