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Welcome to Caller-Rating!

Are you being pestered by unknown callers? Caller-rating.com acts as an extensive database of phone numbers, comprised entirely of user feedback. On our site, you can add to our extensive database of information on phone numbers by commenting on a number's 'profile' and giving it a 'trustworthiness' rating. Each new rating contributes to the number's overall 'score', visible to all site visitors searching for that number. See our ratings guide below!If you've received a call from an unknown number, share your experience on caller-rating.com and let other users know who's calling!

Genuine CallerMost feedback has been positive: you can trust this number
Neutral ratingwe don't yet have enough information to be able to rate this number; or, equal numbers of positive and negative comments have been submitted
Dubious NumberWatch out! Most feedback for this number suggest it's not to be trusted!
Want to know more? We can let you know whereabouts a caller is located, how often it's been searched, and, with our new 'Telephone Statistics' feature, you can see advanced search statistics (time and number of searches per day) for every single number.

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How does a phone number's affiliation to a location work?

To figure out where a call originates, we look to the area code first of all. International numbers generally start with 011 or +. This is followed by the country code which allows us to affiliate the number with the respective country. National numbers are allocated to cities and regions with respect to their area codes. Using both the international and regional dialling codes, we can show you the approximate location of your caller.