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Caller rating for 9162826934

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2 of 2 perceived this call as harassment.
1 of 2 received no info on caller even on demand
2 of 2 would not answer the call again

Caller info for 9162826934

Possible Owner: microsoft scam
User interest: high - Show history
Telephone number: 916282-6934
international: 001/916 282 6934
Area code : Sacramento - USA, Canada
Further Information: Find out
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Ratings on 9162826934

  • 9162826934 rated as microsoft scam (Date: Dec 19, 2013 3:31:55 AM)
    I know these kind of calls from a man with a foreign accent, who claimed that he works for microsoft. This might be scam. Because I have no problems with my windows. Everything is fine.
    Perceived as Harassment, Received no information about call's cause and legitimacy.,
    Recommendation: Do not answer calls from this number.
  • 9162826934 rated as unknown (Date: Jan 9, 2014 2:05:13 PM)
    I just thought that I would mention to everyone that there is a scam going on via phone. The numbers you may see pop up on your caller ID include “50001”, “5129653287”, and now “9162826934”, which are all linked to one scam. The scam is related to a grant from either the Federal Reserve Bank or the non-existent Federal Grant Department. I have been getting calls since yesterday. Please do not fall prey to these scam artists. The grants are not real and the Federal Government does not call you out of the blue.
    Perceived as Harassment, Caller Info received on demand ,
    Recommendation: Do not answer calls from this number.

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